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Social Responsibilities

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Social Responsibilities

Towards Community:

ESS recognizes its responsibility towards the community. It strives to create safer communities and make positive contributions to its best.  Following the Nepal- Gorkha earthquake 2015, ESS has worked in various post recovery projects for the benefit of the community. Besides this, the firm has contributed to uplift the skills and knowledge of the local community in relation to safer construction along with emergency response and preparedness through various capacity development and awareness raising programs.  Moreover, ESS technicians have volunteered their time and expertise to important social issues/causes as or when required by the community.

Towards Environment:

ESS strives to undertake all project and office activities in an environmentally responsible manner, and to identify, manage and mitigate any risks that may impact negatively on the environment.


Towards Our Client:

Our clients are the core of our business, we strive to promote safe and healthy working conditions, and understand that the diverse perspectives, lifestyles and cultures of our clients are a strength for ESS.


Towards Professional Practice:

ESS performs its business ensuring adherence to all legal requirements and ethical standards.


Towards Our Employees:

The skills, experience and energy of the employees are the drivers of ESS’s success. Considering this, ESS enables its employees to work in dynamic, creative environment with a possibility of professional development and advancement. 


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